Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I haven't done this in a while

It has been close to two years since i Blogged here.  It doesn't help that I lost my e-mail and password to access it but somehow a new one i made a few months ago works fine.  I did start a thoughts and ponder blog called Emmaus crawl but I started to neglect that.  So now I am back, at least for a while.  
The news of the days a big for those who read this, not really all that big for those who actually know me.  I got married a little over 2 months ago.  I'm on my internship thats why the picture is that kewl O logo that the logo for the church i work for "Overflow: a church for the thirsty"
In other news I'm one step closer to really being a Doc as i will be starting my master soon.  Yay for NTS and there M. Div program

In recent events I just finished a huge Guitar Hero Aerosmith tournament.  I didn't get as may people in as i expected.  But the face time i got with those that did show up was huge.  Never devalue relationship building for small numbers.  I think we will host another one in Novemeber.  Thats all for now.

Carpe Nox