Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tis the season

Despite the title and time of the year this isn't a blog about Christmas.  I do for the most part enjoy the holiday and wish everyone a blessed Merry CHRISTmas (yes I was trying to be as obnoxious as possible).  This is more about the change of life.
I have built a habit for myself that I never live in any one place overly long.  I am a little bit of a drifter I find life a little more interesting that way.  Unfortunately this comes with a downside, I tend to be moving every 7 months or so.  Sometimes I'm lucky and I can pack up a bag and just go other times things are a little bit more strenuous.  This move will be a little harder.  It will take three days in total.  We could do it in less but I don't think I will ever want to do a shotgun drive in 26 hours (at least not with just 2 drivers).
In other changes I am no longer an intern.  Come Thursday my last assignment will be submitted. In all honesty I'm somewhat killing time here, but it helps to keep the church a head of the game.
When we get back to NB, Kim will be back in school and I will be working more hours than are in the day.  50 hours between to jobs and school.  It should be fun, I kind of already feel exhausted from it.  But this what seems right, and it feels like where God is pulling things.  I'm not sure what I'm more excited about my masters program or serving at Sussex Wesleyan.  
It's weird looking around and seeing that I'm now the grown up.  I still feel like I should be the kid on wild adventures,  it's weird that I'm now the responsible one... I don't think I am quite the mature one yet.
In a couple weeks I will be starting a second blog.  A scary thought given I barely keep up this blog.  This new blog will be following the team that I'm taking to Salt Lake in the spring.  It will build from there as the beginnings of a new church plant.  So look out for the Jericho Blogs