Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Story of Love

This is the dramatic reading that I will be painting to at the lock down this friday

In the beginning there was nothing.
It was black then with the words of
God's voice there was light.
Love created sky, earth, the seas,
Life was created in the image of God
made by his Love.
Then one day life betrayed Love.
This is how sin entered into the world
God and Love, did not abandon life though
He sent signs for life to find him.
There will be a star in the sky,
and a baby in swaddling clothing.
His name will be Jesus!
He will wash away all our sins.
Jesus came to give the truth.
Even though he knew that we would not listen.
Love cried out to us,
and we chained him down.
We pierced the hands that healed the sick,
then we pulled his broken, scarred, body up to the cross
In his final hours,
Love cried out to his father.
Though we were killing him, he still forgave us
with his final breath.
He...Forgave... me.
But the story doesn't end there,
Jesus did not stay in the grave.
Love does not die!
Jesus rose from the dead and all who believe in him no longer have to fear death,
they are no longer a victim of sin.
All those who believe in Jesus now have their name written in the Lambs Book of Life.
This is the story of Love.