Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Pray for them
Pray for the girl who cries alone with no one to turn to
Pray for the man that took her joy away
Pray for the one that couldn't handle the shame of the life on her inside
Pray just Pray

Pray for the man in the cave who plans away,
praying that you will die another day.
Pray just Pray.

Let the tears run down your face
As your heart falls to pieces
Your knees begin to throb
and your hands blister from your clasp 
Pray just Pray.

Pray for the person in the box
huddled next to the vent just to stay warm
Pray for the man being pulled over for not being the same
Pray for the officer about to make a mistake
Pray just Pray

Pray for the girl on the corner
who is enslaved to a stranger with a needle
 Pray for the husband who hides his ring
as he goes to pick her up,
because those images in the dark no longer work
Pray just Pray

Pray for the child who dies once you finish this line
Pray that the next one gets food
or medicine
That Jesus comes and shows us all
That it all means something
If we just 

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