Thursday, May 11, 2006

Adventure's in Independance

Well for the first time ever I am living my life in complete independance. I'm not living at home, and I'm no longer living on campus. Although to many people's opinion it is unfortunite that I'm still living in Sussex a place that makes nothing interesting at times. As of last friday though I am living in Sussex, down the street from a Subway in fact, in a small little appartment (emphasis on the small, but hey its affordable).
My major adventure in independance happened on Saturday when I went grocery shoping. This was trickier than I thought. There is alot that fits under the category of essentials, and not all of it lasts that long. Aparently a box of cereal only lasts four days. But the worst part is how expensive they are, i know some of the stuff will last me till christmas (thank God for PB&J).
The next major adventure happened on thursday. My first visit to the laundry mat. After being to the laundry mat I now have a good idea of what purgatory is like (not Catholic by the way). Again a good discovery laundry is expensive with one load costing $3.50. This seems a little high, owell you kind of need clothes to live.
All this though is worth it. See I'm staying in this small backwards town to help out with the youth group I voulunteer with. They're a great group of kids and I'm glad to be doing this. But all of this culmanates to another adventure the great job hunt.

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