Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some movies need warning labels

It's fairly usual for Kim and me to go rent a lot of movies on the weekend, and last night proved no different.  There were a bunch of new releases that I wanted to check out and while I was looking for those I stumbled across this movie that stood out above the rest.  Sunday School Musical.
Now, being a pastor I have this slight responsibility to watch Christian movies when they come out that way I can promote good Christian media.  Though half the time I would rather point out the latest block buster and the Christian themes with in it.  So when I see a Christian movie I'm inclined to watch it.  
Now from the cover and title you would expect this to be a Christian version of High School Musical, possibly a slight parody there of.  Unfortunately if it was that it would have been miles better than the pile of fecal matter that it was.  The only thing that was actually decent was the music... well the singing of it.  The choreography felt like it was done in preschool.  The dialogue tried to be realistic, but ended up coming off like a speech impediment as almost the whole movie has bad timing.  And the acting to say the least was flat, but that tends to be common in musicals... just its usually not this bad.
There was also the multiple plot points that keep popping up, but then never have a proper resolution. Yet a few scenes latter they have magical disappeared.  Even the overall plot seems to go away at the end with  out conflict only to be resolved, even though for some reason no one brought up it was missing.  
I really wanted this to be good despite the prerequisite for camp that it had to have with a title like Sunday School Musical (which fyi there was no Sunday School, just Christian Schools).  This was probably this worst idea for a Christian musical.  A much better template would either be a) an original score (already proven to work with HERO!), or b) something in the vein of Across the Universe using reworked version's of a popular Christian artists songs (I'd love a suggestion on an artist that could pull of this).
So if you want to torture yourself please watch other wise, boycott it just on the principle of sheer crapiness.

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Tammy Craig said...

Ooohhh. A Christian Across the Universe! That would be amazing!