Saturday, September 13, 2008

How you save a life?

Coincidentally a really kewl song but has nothing to do with what I am talking about.  Yesterday when I was in the office a gentlemen in his 60's came in asking for water.  I'm not thinking much of it, people come in all the time for water, we give it away for free.  Then he tells me it is for his heart medicine that he needs to take the pill before his heart explodes.  This is a little out of the ordinary.  After he gets his pill down I find out that he is a recently retired doctor.
Through the conversation I find out a lot about his faith and basically his testimony.  It was interesting hearing him talk about how he was led to a strong faith knowing the miracle of the human body.  At the end of the conversation he wanted to share with a lot of friends about Overflow so he took a bunch of our info.  
When he left his words telling me how we were such life savers, and really meaning it just stayed with me.  Especially given we were thinking of canceling the free water just a few weeks ago.  So how do you save a life?


Tammy Craig said...

Good question. And I guess it's obvious God's telling you not to give up the free water. :)

How do I save a life? I guess it depends on how you define it. I'm not in the business of saving lives that are half a heartbeat away from death's door. That's what the doctors and paramedics do. But I am in the business of saving the life of students early on. Not physically, necessarily, but mentally and spiritually. To help them have a better life they can live, and a better way for them to live it. Does that make sense?

Tammy Craig said...

Incidently, your post reminded me of a quote by Max Lucado:

"Knowledge of the workings shouldn't negate wonder. Knowledge should stir wonder. Who has more reason to worship than the astronomer who has seen the stars? Than the surgeon who has held a heart? Than the oceanographer who has pondered the depths?"