Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm a horrible Blogger

So if I was paid to blog I'm sure I would be fired by now.  The funny thing is in a few months I will be blogging on a professional level as part of the church plant I will be starting.  So essentially a month overdue I am blogging again (at least it's not a year this time).

Recently I have engaged in a new Spiritual journey.  I have found that despite being a person of faith I seem to have very little belief in miracles.  In fact I have noticed that I actually am having a little trouble seeing God in things.  I am not saying I've lost faith or anything, I'm just running into a problem a lot of Westerners seem to have.
It was recommended to me by my boss that I should try the "Experiencing God" workbook.  So on monday I'm going to start it.  I'm not sure if it will change things but I am very open for things to change.
At one point some guys that I would call spiritual leaders saw me walking towards water for my baptism.  They said that I walked with such fervor that they believed I was going to walk on water.  That didn't happen then.  Who knows though what can happen when one's faith is opened to the wonders of Christ.

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